Try it for free ...

Not sure yet ? Head to the Appstore and download the free version "My Travels Lite" to test it. In the free version you are able to create 1 trip and within this trip you can add 5 diary entries. The Budgets and Packing List sections are fully accessible in the free version. If you like it get the paid version and you can create as many trips as you like as well as diary entries. 

My Travels

Your journeys are our goal. Start creating your personal travel diary on the go. Add diaries, pictures and voices to your personal trip timeline. Keep your trip impressions organized in only one spot. Not enough yet? By using the budget planner you are also on top of your daily transactions and are able to keep track of your money. Still not enough? Well, by creating this app, the main aspect was to be able to use this app offline at all times. Start your journey now......

How it works

Tap the plus button in the top right corner and you will be guided through a menu where you can create a trip you are on or are planning.




Once you created a trip you will be able to go into the detailed view. Here is where the fun part starts. Start creating your personal trip diary. Add pictures, diaries and voices. As you may know from other apps everything you enter will be displayed in a timelime but that's not all. You would just like to see your diaries or pictures, not a problem. Only tap the individual buttons and you will be presented with only the entries you would like to see. Organize your trip on the go and show it to your family and friends once you are back. 

Track your footsteps. While creating your personal journal, the app does it for you. Add a moment or anything and the app automatically drops a pin on your travel map.

Have it all organized. And again, the app does it for you. Looking for specific photos of your trip? One more time... the app does it automatically for you. If moments, diaries or photos. 

Don't miss the good stuff. Using the inbuilt ToDo list you are able to even start before you are heading off. You would like to save up some ToDos you are interested in. Simply add places, cities, retsaurants and much more you would like to see to your list and stay on top of your ToDos.


What about budget ? One more great feature is the budget planner which comes with the app. Head over to the budget tap and start to keep track of your money. Set a budget, choose a currency and start to enter your daily transactions while you are on the go. To make it even better, your transactions are all categorized and you can see them displayed in an easy overview. 



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